TOA Technologies

TOA Technologies developed an innovative software solutions that streamline the mobile work environment and enhance communications between companies and their customers.

Toa Technologies was founded by two Israeli immigrant, Yuval Brisker and Irad Carmi, in Beachwood Ohio. Brisker, an architect, and Carmi, a classical musician, designed a platform that would become the leading provider of cloud-based field service solutions to manage and optimize the last mile of customer service for enterprises by coordinating activities between dispatchers, mobile employees and their customers. In 2007 Draper Triangle led TOA’s Series “A’ financing and participated in each subsequent rounds of investment. TOA’s Sales doubled in 2012 to reach $41 million and the company began operating in 27 countries. In July of 2013, Technology Crossover Ventures invested $66 million for a minority stake in TOA. It’s believed to be the largest investment ever in an Ohio-based software company.  Oracle has since acquired TOA Technologies. Draper Triangle partner, Mike Stubler, led the deal and was proud to sit on the board of TOA Technologies following Draper Triangle’s initial investment in 2007 until their acquisition in July of 2014.

Toa Technologies Founders Yuval Brisker and Irad Carmi

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