Thread transforms trash from the poorest countries in the world  into dignified jobs and useful stuff people love.


Thread was founded by Ian Rosenberger in 2010 in the wake of the Port-au-Prince earthquake. When he returned home he noticed an entry in his journal that read:

Thread Quote Thread has since been dedicated to cleaning neighborhoods and ending poverty through dignified jobs and solvent business. Used in apparel, accessories and footwear, Thread offers 100 percent transparency into its supply chain by tracking social and environmental impact metrics at every level of the production process. The company’s network of partnerships with several NGOs and local vendors make Thread Ground to Good™ fabric the most responsible on the planet. From the moment a plastic bottle is collected in a poor neighborhood until their partner’s finished product lands in their customers’ hands, they measure its impact and share the story of the people whose lives have been transformed by it. In addition to public relations and marketing tools, they’ve created an online platform that integrates seamlessly with their partner’s own online presence to help them share their improved impact with their customers and, in turn, help their customers share that story with their friends. Because of this transparent, sustainable, and shareable supply chain, “Powered by Thread” fabrics not only make apparel or accessories more responsible, they make them more valuable to the end consumer. Thread is proud to be a Certified B-Corp

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