Rhiza is an emerging leader in the field of marketing analytics, offering online tools that make Big Data actionable for marketers and salespeople.

Rhiza’s tools increase revenue for both media companies and advertisers by delivering detailed recommendations based on integrated consumer insights. Media publishers use Rhiza to arm their salespeople with better tools for selling premium advertising. Marketers use Rhiza to optimize hyper-targeted media buys, track campaign effectiveness and quickly create new marketing plans.

Rhiza for Ad Sales

Stunning sales presentation tools that give your sales team a dynamic edge. Use Big Data to paint the picture of your target’s competitive landscape – without waiting for analysis and reports.

Rhiza for Marketing

You know who you want to reach, but you still have questions about them. Rhiza gives you insights to understand your customers in unprecedented ways. Simple, elegant tools deliver powerful intelligence that become the driving force behind any successful marketing campaign.

Effective storytelling leaves a lasting impression. Combine your own data with the best syndicated datasets available to craft compelling presentations and campaigns. You already own the data, now start using it more effectively. Rhiza uses the data you have access to and integrates them into a single platform. Rhiza offers the best way for marketing companies and big brands to use their information, allowing it to be seen clearer than ever, and translating it into the best storytelling tools possible.

Rhiza is proud to be based in Pittsburgh, PA.  Born out of a secret project at a human centered design firm, Rhiza spun-out of MAYA Design in 2008 and has since changed the way businesses use data to make decisions, understand clients, and generate revenue. In its early years, Rhiza was a pioneer for data analytics building applications for disease tracking to battlefield data… and everything in between.

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