Pixel Velocity

Pixel Velocity builds imagery and data analytic tools that protect their customer’s safety, security and environment from intentional, accidental and natural threats.

Whether it’s maintaining safety or improving operational efficiency, Pixel Velocity’s products enable rapid and informed decision-making.From leak, spill and activity detection to situational awareness and response, Pixel Velocity provides configurable software solutions and sensor systems for the most demanding operational environments. Through its world-class team of subject matter experts and field-proven solutions, Pixel Velocity has an unparalleled understanding of how to empower enterprises to leverage imagery and data to manage risk.



In today’s technology saturated marketplace, partners who offer comprehensive platform solutions differentiate themselves from technology vendors. Pixel Velocity is the practical partner choice for new systems and systems upgrades because their product ecosystem seamlessly integrates our software applications and sensors, as well as third party systems and sensor data feeds. Even the shortest interruption of business operations is a critical loss, so they deliver versatile software solutions and integrated, intelligent edge sensors that continuously and automatically monitor complex operations and operating environments and alert you to potential issues before they become costly events. Their integrated, intelligent asset management platform supports significant returns on deployment by maintaining critical business continuity and minimizing safety needs for shut downs, shortening response times, reducing operational risks and regulatory fines, and improving efficiencies.

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