For manufacturers, it’s all about building profitable products.

Directworks provides sourcing software purpose-built for manufacturers to engage suppliers, create cost transparency, securely collaborate on product design, efficiently analyze quotes, and assess the factors required to make the best cost-for-value sourcing decisions.

Direct materials suppliers are the lifeline of manufacturers. You must establish a supply base that can deliver quality materials on time and at the right cost so you can assemble those materials into profitable products. This requires a smarter approach to direct materials sourcing and supplier management.

That’s where we help. Directworks provides sourcing and supplier management solutions that are purpose-built for manufacturers.

Manufacturers who use Directworks experience:

  • Millions in cost savings, leading to greater profit margins
  • Streamlined processes and 50% faster sourcing cycle times
  • Greater success introducing new products on time and at target cost
  • Better risk management and compliance

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