Amplifinity provides marketers with a turnkey SAAS based solution to harnesses the power of advocacy that is easy to implement and uncomplicated to manage.

Amplifinity’s system has automated referral best practices and makes it easy for marketers to create compliant, effective, and measurable referral channels that drive significant incremental revenue. Amplifinity’s foundation is built on sales best practices. The company was founded the belief that the best business was business that came from a current customer telling a salesperson about people they knew who needed your product or service. Combined with our socially connected world, Amplifinity founders believed there was incredible potential to take the concept of referrals and scale it digitally to create a consistent channel for customer acquisition and demand generation.

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Today, Amplifinity’s referral amplification software turns customer, employee and partner advocacy into revenue. Their platform provides complete tracking and management of referrals with 100% accuracy so no referral is missed. Enterprises trust Amplifinity to enable high-quality acquisition while providing an engaging, fully-branded experience for their advocates.

Why Referral Programs? Referral programs provide the highest value form of brand advocacy

Brand advocacy is a powerful form of demand generation. Within the brand advocacy category, referrals are the highest value action that an advocate can do for your brand. That is why they are committed to making the best software in the world to leverage your customers, employees and partners to generate referrals. Their referral amplification platform is a new type of demand generation software that can be relied on to supply a steady stream of customers to your door. Creating referral programs with a referral amplification platform allows you to develop a database of your best customers and understand their preferred communication channels so that you can remarket to them using special offers; nurture them through the buying process or simply say thank you for their help. This makes customer marketing targeted and highly effective, and it creates strong, loyal relationships. Additionally, Amplifinity’s platform links with your sales CRM and provides referral program visibility to your sales team, ensuring their engagement with customers through the referral process. Customer participation in the program keeps your advocates linked to your brand with regular communications. And their rewards keep them feeling good about your brand, products or services.



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