Plan4Demand Helps Crown Imports with Long-Range Planning

Supply chain management consulting firm Plan4Demand worked with Crown Imports to revamp the beer provider’s Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process to gain visibility into long-term financial and operational plans. Crown was planning 90 days out, and if there were issues or shortfalls, they were often masked in the future. Now Crown works 24-months out with in-depth data shared across business units providing early visibility into emerging risks and opportunities. Jessie Luchsinger, Demand Planning and S&OP Lead, Crown Imports. “Crown now has forecast alignment 24-months out to enable the team to proactively pursue strategic solutions to run the business. Plan4Demand helped us drive visibility and accountability around our forecasting and prediction capabilities. We can see emerging trends sooner than we would have with our former S&OP process. The ROI for this project was immediate.” Learn more at