National Louis University & Acrobatiq Announce Collaboration

National Louis University and Acrobatiq Collaborate to Expand College Opportunities Through New Undergraduate Harrison Professional Pathways Program. This Innovative Program Aims to Expand Access to Education and Improve Student Achievement Through Personalized, Adaptive Learning

PITTSBURGH – February 24, 2016 – Acrobatiq, a leading learning optimization company in the fast-growing adaptive learning market, today announced that National Louis University, one of the oldest and most progressive universities in Chicago has implemented its adaptive learning platform, content library and professional services to successfully deliver the University’s new Harrison Professional Pathways Program, a competency-driven undergraduate degree program aimed at bridging the achievement gap for Chicago area college students.

Launched as an innovative strategy to expand access to educational opportunities, the program specifically targets traditional freshmen, many of which are first-time, first-generation college students.

“The Harrison Professional Pathways Program was designed as an opportunity initiative,” said Aarti Dhupelia, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at National Louis University. “A significant number of college students, who grew up in low-income households or are first-generation college students, often do not complete their bachelor’s degree due to lack of preparation or because of challenges faced outside of the classroom. Acrobatiq’s adaptive learning technology and analytics help us to provide a very high quality and personalized learning experience to all students including those who may have previously struggled academically.”

Acrobatiq provides a platform and services to higher education institutions to enable them to create, deliver, and continuously improve instructionally effective learning experiences.

“The Harrison Professional Pathways Program expands access for students typically at risk of not completing, and provides each with a high level of support by tailoring the learning experience to what each student needs,” says Eric Frank, CEO of Acrobatiq.   “By collecting and modeling learning data as students work, we can predict student learning performance against outcomes – in real-time.  This enables the platform to adapt the learning experience for students, and more importantly, provides insights to faculty about who’s learning, who’s not, and who might be at risk and why, so they can provide the right support to the right student at the right time,” said Frank.

Acrobatiq is a cloud-based software-as-a-service solution, purchased as an annual subscription and supported by professional services to ensure successful and sustainable implementation.

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