Our Portfolio

Ayalogic, Inc.

Ayalogic, Inc is committed to providing communication software solutions that improve efficiency and create new opportunities. At the core of all Ayalogic projects is the encrypted Ayalogic Network featuring a proprietary and award winning technology that enhances the quality and reliability of voice over IP transmissions. The Ayalogic team is passionate about finding innovative ways for people in all industries to communicate and is committed to delivering software that redefines communications by creating more efficient solutions for businesses and game developers alike.

Imvox, created by Ayalogic, is a social voice communications platform for gamers. Our clients play all types of games; MMORPG, FPS, RTS, action, adventure, sports, casual, Flash, Facebook and more.

Under the Green-Ear brand, Ayalogic provides game technology and intelligent network services that enable game developers to add voice to games.