Our Firm

Local Presence ... Global Reach

Draper Triangle Ventures is a premier source of funding for high-technology start-up companies in the Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.

Draper Triangle Ventures is a Pittsburgh-based early stage venture capital firm focused on technology investing in the Midwest.  With $200 million under management across three funds, the firm has been one of the most active early stage investors in the Midwest over the past decade. The firm is a member of the DFJ Global Network, a unique venture capital model providing global reach through local presence.   It encompasses over 140 venture capital professionals, in more than 30 cities throughout the US, Asia, Europe, Israel, South America, and Russia, with more than 600 portfolio companies funded and over $7 billion of capital under management.

In the majority of cases, Draper Triangle will be the lead investor for a company's first round of financing. We focus on technology businesses with enormous market potential. Our role is to help entrepreneurs achieve their maximum potential through team building, partnership, advice, and support, as well as investments. We see a tremendous need for venture capital investing in the Midwest, where technology is flourishing. By pursuing a people-focused approach to venture capital investing, we will continue to fund entrepreneurs with the energy, vision, experience and desire to build great companies.

Venture Capital with a Regional Focus

We firmly believe that a regional focus and presence is critical to success in seed and early stage investing. Seed and early stage companies are often pre-product, pre-customer and pre-revenue. It is necessary for successful seed and early stage investors to work actively with their portfolio companies in building management teams, defining product and market strategy and assisting in financing and fund raising. To be most effective in this role, it is important for the investor to have a regional presence in order to be near the portfolio company and become actively engaged with the company.