BodyMedia Goes to Space

BodyMedia’s FIT Armbands, which monitor health and wellness activities, are being worn by astronauts on board the International Space Station — at least for 10 days this month.

The armbands are being used as part of an experiment by a team of scientists led by Stephane Blanc of the University of Strasbourg and Dale A. Schoeller of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, meant to look at the body’s energy requirements in long-term space flight.

In addition to the astronauts on the space station the armbands are also being used by a group running experiments in the Utah desert in preparation for manned missions to Mars.

“Our wearable body monitors are typically associated with consumer applications such as weight management, but these two space-related projects highlight the value of our technology in other important health-related arenas,” said BodyMedia CEO Christine Robins in a written statement. Learn more at