Aethon to Work with WVU Medicine Ruby Memorial Hospital

Partnership will Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Medication Tray Replenishment Using MedEx TraySafe

Aethon is pleased to announce that WVU Medicine Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, WV has selected Aethon’s MedEx TraySafe™ product to streamline their medication tray and kit processing to improve safety and compliance of preconfigured trays used in crash carts.

“When we looked in detail at our current process to replenish crash cart trays, we discovered significant labor and inventory used in the process,” says Carol Woodward, director of pharmaceutical services at WVU Medicine Ruby Memorial Hospital. “We chose TraySafe to help reduce the labor to process a tray and to help reduce excess inventory and waste.”

TraySafe is the next-generation kit and tray management solution and has quickly established itself as the leading option for hospital pharmacies. It reconciles and records medication inventory used in pre-configured crash cart trays and kits. Instead of using expensive and proprietary RFID tags, it uses industry standard 2D labels and ultra-high resolution imaging to detect all the contents in a tray in seconds. TraySafe can not only detect missing or expired items but also whether items are misplaced in the tray – making the process faster and far safer.

“While productivity enhancements were an important consideration, safety was our primary objective. TraySafe can detect if the tray is correctly configured, will alert us of soon-to-expire medications, and will help us manage medication recalls. I never want a tray leaving the pharmacy unless it is precisely configured. TraySafe will satisfy this precision requirement,” adds Carol Woodward.

“WVU Medicine Ruby Memorial Hospital is a terrific new customer and we are thankful for their partnership. We look forward to helping them advance their safety agenda,” says Aldo Zini, CEO of Aethon.

Aethon’s expertise in pharmacy logistics management is extensive. The MedEx suite of products and TUG autonomous mobile delivery robot currently manage four million medication deliveries per year. These products ensure safety, enhance compliance and provide automation and chain-of-custody control of medication deliveries throughout the hospital.

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