They have challenged me and the management team to yield richer opportunities. Draper Triangle has been supportive without being overwhelming — much appreciated by any CEO!
David Blauer
CEO, Bjondhealth
As CEO I am comforted to know that I can always count on Draper Triangle and its Global Network to provide me access to new customers, strategic partnerships and funding sources to help my company scale.
Jorgen Pedersen
I know, in the most profound sense of the word, that I can trust them to always offer thoughtful, measured, objective and invaluable advice that is founded on a deep understanding of business and human dynamics.
Mark Woodka
CEO, OnShift
Draper Triangle's biggest strength
is their commitment to helping
our company get the capital and
talent necessary to build the best
possible company.
Josh Knauer
CEO, Rhiza
Draper brought more than
money to the table; they were a
consultative and supportive
partner through a very positive
exit and return for all involved.
Yuval Brisker & Irad Carmi
TOA Technologies

About Us

"By pursuing a people-focused approach to venture capital investing, we will continue to fund entrepreneurs with the energy, vision, experience and desire to build great companies."

At Draper Triangle Ventures, we understand that our role is to help you achieve the maximum potential for your business through team building, partnership, advice and support -- as well as money. We focus on technology businesses with enormous market potential, and welcome the opportunity to talk with you about taking the next step with your business.

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