• Astro Teller – Co-Founder I BodyMedia +

  • Jorgen Pederson – Founder I RE2 +

  • TOA Technologies Team +

  • Ian Rosenberger - Co-Founder I Thread +

  • Mark Woodka - CEO I OnShift +

  • Aethon Tug

    TUG Robot I Aethon +

  • Norman Joyner + Phil Dougherty I ContainerShip +

  • Aware Team +

  • AutoBooks Team +

  • Autonomous Truck | Locomation +

  • Steven Welles + Patrick | Ikos +

Draper Triangle Provides Early Stage Venture Capital to Extraordinary Midwest Entrepreneurs who are Changing the World

The Birthplace of Innovation

Coal. Iron ore. Oil. These were the root stocks of the Midwest’s last great entrepreneurial era, when men named Carnegie, Rockefeller, Dow and Ford built the steel, oil, chemical, and auto industries. Today we are living in the next great entrepreneurial era where Universities, Accelerators, and Entrepreneurs- are spawning innovations in software, robotics, big data analytics, and connected devices. The Draper Triangle team is proud to call the Midwest our home.


The Draper Venture Network is a robust venture collective bringing together experienced investors and innovative entrepreneurs from around the globe to share strategies, source opportunities, and create greater value.

Draper Venture Network